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The main page for the Artemis Fowl roleplay, a roleplay group based on the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer.

Mar 4

Myles Fowl is now available.

Feb 7

Refollow Opal

Their blog has moved. I’ve fixed the link to the new blog.

In other news, the event has started… go nuts!

Jan 27

Final details!!!

The uncertain date to start the event will be next week Monday, 4th of February. If you’re unavailable around then please send in a message and I’ll arrange a suitable date. 

Around that time, Foaly will mysteriously begin the proceedings with a mysterious starter about a mysterious incident with mysterious consequences. Everyone should then continue - either with their own starters about their own mysterious incidents or by helping Foaly out! Just reblog a starter to continue it. Also, we don’t yet have a confirmed  villain. So if anyone wants to be the villain, they can plot it all themselves! Oh, but don’t godmod.

Any questions, just ask!

Please ‘like’ this post so i know we are all involved. :)

Jan 21

Things so far:

- We’ll probably set the event pre-TLG, giving us freedom to continue the plot however we want without having to stage character rebirth and amnesia recovery

- I think anyone can be the villain, so whoever wants to can do it; we won’t have restrictions there. And two characters could even ally to be the villains - be creative! 

- For character interaction, obviously the characters interacting have to be together. So when the plot kicks off, characters are going to have to move around. For example, if the plot was centered inside Fowl Manor, Foaly would have to get above ground if he wanted to give something to Artemis; so he would probably have to take a trip through the shuttle network. Bear in mind where your character is and whether they would be able to interact with other characters from where they are; improvise!

- Instead of playing your characters as if they were ‘at their computer’, you’ll be playing them in real-time. I made a post here explaining this a couple of months ago which should give you an idea of what I’m talking about. You can also use ‘paragraph style’ - i.e, writing in third person with speech marks for … well, speech. If you have any queries about this just ask.

Jan 20


Right, so. Everybody send yo ideas in, and we’ll plan something good. As of now I’m the only mod so I can make all the decisions myself! Just kidding. 

Anyway, an example would be Opal coming back from le dead as le spirit, le haunting people - and mortal peril ensues. 

The event date will be given in advance, so we can pick a suitable day for everyone. 

Jan 19

Welcome, Artemis!

I’d say it’s spelt geniuses. Sue me.

Welcome, Minerva!

I can reuse my old jokes.

Para… para… paradizo…

Jan 4

Minerva Paradizo and Artemis Fowl are now available.

Dec 17

Fixed the vinyaya link.

Dec 14

Welcome, Raine!

Or Wing Commander Vinyaya. You know, whatever.

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